Restoring a Mercedes-Benz W112 : the interplay between professional competence, an eye for details, time and a client who knows what he wants.

MERCEDES-BENZ W112 300 SE, 4 doors and part of the Ockhuisen Collection.
(1961/1965, 5202 produced)

August 1961, a top-class model was presented with the 300 SE. With respect to its exterior and technical concept it closely resembled the W111 220 SEb model but many technical specialities were included as standard. Basic equipment comprised not only the 4-speed automatic transmission and the newly developed power assisted steering, but also air suspension, used for the first time on a Mercedes-Benz and allowing a combination of sporty handling and maximum ride comfort.

The brakes of this model represented another advance: for the first time a standard Mercedes-Benz production car was fitted with a dual-circuit brake system and disk brakes front and rear.
The 3-liter injection engine was based on the tried and tested engine from the 300 d, but now had a light-alloy block and was thus approximately 40 kg lighter. Carburation was still on the principle of intermittent inlet manifold injection using a Bosch injection pump. In January 1964 compression was raised slightly and a larger Bosch injection pump was used resulting in an increase in performance from 160 to 170 hp.

The body of the 300 SE was almost identical to that of the 220 SEb, but had more extensive chrome trim. The most prominent distinguishing feature was the chrome strip running from the headlights to the taillights in the side ribbing; additionally, the 300 SE had trims around the wheel arches as well as a broad chrome strip below the doors. The small “300 SE” badges integrated on the C-pillars were less dashy. If desired by the customer, this additional chrome trim could be omitted.

The professional:

Mr. Chiel Doesburg is doing his restoration projects in the town of Baarn in the Netherlands. It is not only Mercedes Benz cars that he is working on, although we limit ourselves to that now. To bring a car of almost 60 years old back to new condition you come across many details that need to be addressed.
Chiel started the project in mid-2017 and the face in which he currently finds himself is the assembly of the completely tightened bodywork series.
The next phase will be the spraying of the car in its original color.

Another restoration project that Mr. Chiel Doesburg has stood in the hall.
A Mercedes-Benz R107 350SL from the first series.

In addition to restoring and repairing cars, Chiel Doesburg and his son Dick are busy with the development and future of their company.

Watch the video below.

When the W112 has been painted you can expect an update from us.

The Ockhuisen Mercedes Benz Car Collection.

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