The thirties

This are the two oldest Mercedes-Benz cars from the Ockhuisen Mercedes-Benz Collection.


On the left, model Series 290 Cabriolet C (W 18), 1933 – 1937

The 290 was one of three new swing-axle models unveiled by Daimler-Benz in February 1933 at the International Motor and Motorcycle Show in Berlin. The 290 was available in a wide choice of bodies, consisting of the four-door saloon and Convertible variants B, C and D.

The 290C Cabriolet is of 1933, the beginning of the era in which Mercedes-Benz made the best and most beautiful cars that Germany has ever produced. View the beautiful, but not original tail lights with the Mercedes logo in the middle. These lights belonged to a more expensive version, but the previous owner found them so beautiful that he also  wanted these lights for such an adjustment you should not undo.


At the right, the 320A Cabriolet.

From 1938 is the 320A Cabriolet. The longer wheelbase makes a stretched appearance possible. The car is not only perfectly finished, but also well thought out. To facilitate an easy closing of the 58 kg weighing door, the bottom of the door has little supporting rolls. A nice detail is the combination of spotlight and rear view mirror. To take part of todays traffic an additional larger mirror has been fitted at the car.


  • Combustion principle: four-stroke Otto
  • Configuration: front, longitudinal; vertical
  • Engine type: M 18
  • Number of cylinders / arrangement: 6 / in line
  • Bore x Stroke: 78 x 100 mm
  • Total displacement: 2867 cc (tax classification: 2847 cc)
  • Compression ratio: 5.75 – 6.0; from 1935: 6.6
  • Rated output: 60 hp, from 1935: 68 hp at 3200 rpm
  • Number of valves / arrangement: 1 intake, 1 exhaust / lateral, vertical
  • Valve operation: 1 lateral camshaft
  • Camshaft drive: via spur gears
  • Fuel system: 1 updraught carburettor Solex 35 BFV
  • Fuel tank: position / capacity: in the rear / 56 l
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