The Ockhuisen Collection:

Mercedes-Benz cars from the eighties

The Ockhuisen W201 190 collection is complete!

May 2018, this 190 D 2.5 TURBO  makes the Ockhuisen 190 Collection complete.

Baureihe W201 (1982-1993)

When Mercedes-Benz formulated the idea to produce models that would appeal to a younger audience the 190 series was introduced.  For a long time there were doubts whether this model would tarnish the Mercedes reputation, as the 190 at that time was a small vehicle in terms of Mercedes-Benz. It was therefore also known as the ‘baby-Benz’.

Evolution I model


Baureihe W124 (1984-1995) Type 200-300-serie

Production years  Mk I: 1984-1989
Mk II: 1989-1992

The E-Class

In 1993 the naming convention E-Class was used for the first time. Prior to this the model was known as the Mercedes-Benz W124

MK III: 1993-1995

Total produced 2.583.470

The R129 Roadster.

The R129 Roadster was produced from 1989 to 2001. In total, there are about 213,000 made.