My passion for the brand “Mercedes-Benz”

Mr. Ockhuisen explains:

‘’I collect mainly non-restored vehicles, my approach is typically to sell on the less desirable models and keep the better cars for my collection.’’ Mr. Ockhuisen retrieves his vehicles from all corners of the globe and continues, ‘’I have a worldwide network. For example, this 1957 Ponton had remained parked in the garage of a widow for nineteen years, and had only been driven for two years. And so does every car has its own story as like my Mercedes-Benz 220D from a retiree from Freiburg. He would drive it twice a year to his vacationing home near Bodensee , and every now and then he would park the car on blocks to let the engine run. As a result I was able to buy the car practically unused. Sometimes I think my passion for the brand helps to convince people to sell their cars to me, because they know their car will be in good hands.’’