‘Autoschade Doesburg’ for restorations until detail

Since 2015, the second generation Doesburg hassettled on the business park “De Drie Eiken” in Baarn. ‘Autoschade Doesburg’ is managed by Giel’s son Dick.


My father’s passion

The love for the “Mercedes-Benz” brand was poured into Dick with a spoon.That has always been my father’s passion, Dick recalls. He is a true Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and taught me the tricks of the trade from an early age, still completely by hand, with the body file and with tin. I gradually learned the finer points of the company. Calculating, sheet metal work and finally spraying in the spray booth. With these experiences and accumulated knowledge, I was ready to start as an entrepreneur in 2015.

Father Giel is proud

I oversaw the qualities of ‘Autoschade Doesburg’ and decided to complement the renovation and restoration of special cars with the repair of recent automobiles from the sports segment. The latter was a leap of faith and in hindsight a good one. The name ‘Autoschade Doesburg’ thus became known to a wider public. Old customers are happy to come back to us and we also receive many requests from the car clubs and companies. Our passion for the Mercedes-Benz brand has once again grown into a thriving business. Father Giel is proud of his son.

Our work






January 2021, editorial OckhuisenCollectie.nl

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