‘AMG Vriendenclub’ a guest at Gallery Mercedes, Eemnes, the Netherlands.

Eemnes,17 July 2022. The members of the AMG Vriendenclub are visiting Gallery Mercedes in Eemnes today. They drive from all parts of the Netherlands to the meeting point, a pancake house in Baarn.
After eating lunch, the group drives to Eemnes and around 1 o’clock the goal is reached.
Finally, because earlier planned dates were canceled due to Corona.
Today you will be introduced to the Mercedes-Benz Collection by Nico Ockhuisen, which will be presented in Gallery Mercedes.
After a mutual acquaintance Nico starts with his tour of his Automobiles.
The photos below give you an impression of this.

AMG Vriendenclub bezoekt de Ockhuisen Collectie

Nico Ockhuisen (between the W140 & W126 S-Class)

During the tour Nico tells about the origin of the cars.
Most of them come from the European countries, America and Japan.
Their former owners, who in most cases he personally bought the car from.
The total collection consists of 125 automobiles, 50 of which are displayed in Gallery Mercedes.

Giel Doesburg
Giel Doesburg

The ‘AMG Vriendenclub.nl’

Over de AMG Vriendenclub


The AMG Friends Club started as an initiative of a number of owners of Mercedes-Benz AMG cars. We have been an official association since 2014.

Why an AMG group of friends and why an association? Owning an AMG is a dream for many, driving it a passion. And you want to share a passion, right?

We strive to have fun, valuable en countis with like-minded people from time to time. Think of viewing each other’s cars, sharing technical knowledge, taking rides and building friendships. 

There are few obligations at the AMG Friends Club and there is a relaxed atmosphere. After all, everyone should feel like they are among friends. It doesn’t matter if you have an old or brand new Mercedes, as long as it is a real AMG. Anyone who behaves is welcome with us.

July 2022, editorial OckhuisenCollectie.nl