The “Ockhuisen” Collection
World’s largest private collection
Mercedes-Benz cars.
Nico Ockhuisen

Welcome to the Ockhuisen Mercedes-Benz Collection.

The Ockhuisen collection has grown out to become a substantial collection of Mercedes-Benz cars. Nico Ockhuisen explains ‘’when I was ten I got my first experience behind the wheel of a Mercedes’’, ‘’later when I was twelve years old I visited the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart with my uncle’’, and when I was 17 I bought my first very own Mercedes-Benz’’, this was a W136, type 170 SV from 1954’’. This was to be the first car of a car collection that has expanded to 116 vehicles from the period 1933 until the present.

The "Ockhuisen" Mercedes-Benz Car Collection is the world's largest private collection of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

This website gives you, starting from the thirties, an overview of the Mercedes-Benz classics cars that are part of the Ockhuisen  Collection.

Through newsletters  we provide you current Mercedes-Benz Classic news.

From mid-2020 this Mercedes-Benz automobiles can be admire in the "Ockhuisen" Mercedes Museum in The Netherlands.


Expected opening "Ockhuisen" Mercedes Museum in The Netherlands, mid 2020.








22 May 2018, very special together. SLR-McLaren-Roadster 2004/2008.

The Pagode Californian Coupe 1963 / 1971

1954, 300SL Guldwing, Sport & Light.
It’s all about the details! This model has distinctive/characteristic race rims and a special steering wheel. Also notice the bespoke matching luggage set, the price of which could buy you a small new car nowadays.