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World’s largest private collection Mercedes-Benz cars.

The collection has grown into a substantial collection of Mercedes-Benz cars. Nico Ockhuisen explains; when I was ten I got my first experience behind the wheel of a Mercedes. Later, when I was twelve years old, I visited the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart with my uncle and when I was 17 I bought my first own Mercedes-Benz. It was a W136, type 170 SV from 1954 ”. This would be the first car in a car collection of Mercedes Benz vehicles from the years 1933 to 2010.

This website gives you, starting from the thirties, an overview of the Mercedes-Benz classics cars that are part of the Collection.
Through newsletters we provide you current Mercedes-Benz Classic news.
In a few years this Mercedes-Benz automobiles can be admire in the “Ockhuisen” Mercedes Museum in The Netherlands.
The museum is not yet open, but as soon as an opening date is known, we will publish it well in advance on this page.

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