The Ockhuisen Mercedes-Benz Collection

The Collection has grown since the year 1964, the year in which I bought my first Mercedes-Benz, to an almost complete overview of Mercedes-Benz automobiles from the period 1945/2000.


‘Gallery Mercedes’

A selection of the Ockhuisen Mercedes-Benz  Collection is shown in Gallery Mercedes, housed in Eemnes, The Netherlands. 50 Mercedes-Benz automobiles, of which the oldest from 1933 and the youngest from 2014, have found accommodation in ‘Gallery Mercedes’.

Which Mercedes-Benz cars can you expect at Gallery Mercedes:

  • SL Roadster range.
  • S-Class series and its predecessors, in Sedan, Coupé and Cabriolet version.
  • E-Class series and the first official Mercedes-Benz station wagon, the T model.
  • The compact W201 class introduced in 1982 as the 190 series.

Additionally from the 60s, the imposing 600 of which only 2667 were made during the 18 years that it was produced. The figurehead of the Ockhuisen Collection is the 300 SL Gullwing from 1955, the number 1 in the collection. This 300SL is equipped with special racing rims and with a steering wheel that is removable so that getting behind the wheel is a lot easier.

In ‘Gallery Mercedes’, visitors are personally guided by Nico Ockhuisen.  He takes you through the history of the brand and the cars. Tells about their former owners and takes the time to answer your questions.



Nico Ockhuisen explains;

When I was ten I got my first experience behind the wheel of a Mercedes. Later, when I was twelve years old, I visited the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart with my uncle and when I was 17 I bought my first own Mercedes-Benz. It was a W136, type 170 SV from 1954. This would be the first car in a serie of Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the years 1933 to 2011

The thirties

The forties

The fifties

The sixties

The seventies

The eighties

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The 2000s

The 2010s

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